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Neoprint  – is a large printing complex that handles all stages of the world’s most popular forms of printing, including flexography, screen printing, offset printing and holography. Our company is a supplier for major FMCG manufacturers, retailers, logistics operators, and airline companies, and also cooperates with customers in the public sector.

We handle printing projects of any complexity with top-notch results and offer our clients comprehensive solutions in three general areas: labels, tickets, and security printing.

We understand that the viability of any innovation depends on the profit it brings its owner. For this reason, our number one concern at Neoprint when debuting a new product is that it gives our clients a real economic benefit.

To guarantee truly great results we thoroughly analyze the market, invest in our own production capacities, constantly improve on our operating procedures, and recruit only the best talent. We believe that our tireless efforts guarantee our stability and give us confidence in the future.


  • Extensive experience
Working for sixteen years with food processing, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies, producers of tobacco, household and automobile chemical goods, retail networks, airline carriers and entertainment industry representatives, Neoprint has acquired a unique experience and elaborated advanced technological solutions, effectiveness of which has been well demonstrated by our customers’ success.

  • Comprehensive approach
A customer company finds it most convenient and profitable to deal with a supplier who is capable of carrying out, in an equally effective way, all stages of the printing production process, from the designer concept idea to post print treatment and prompt delivery of the set. All of our operations are part of a fully complete cycle that enables us to maintain strict control over the performance of tasks no matter the stage, making sure that responsibility is always clearly delegated.

  • High-quality protection of your products
We implement a full range of measures to protect your product from counterfeit. Our considerable experience with protected printing allows us to offer a suitable solution for any market. Product protection from counterfeit is no longer an unsurmountable obstacle. In addition, we are among the few printing companies in Russia licensed to produce counterfeit-protected printed matter.

  • Latest technologies, quality materials
Aiming to provide our customers with top quality production, we collaborate with leading equipment and label stock suppliers. At every stage of printing process, we offer modern high-tech solutions that suit your needs best.


  • Openness and integrity
Our company has proved to be a good and open business partner that is interested in long-term cooperation. We place a high value on our reputation, and strict business ethics rules have always provided a solid basis for our company culture.

  • Customer orientation
We always strive to be one step ahead of our competitors so as to better respond to growing demands of our customers.

  • Flexibility
Our team is able to quickly complete the tasks at hand, adopt new techniques and take innovative approaches. Our ability to adapt, flexibility and mobility constitutes the qualities most important for a present-day company.

  • Efficiency
We listen to each customer and strive to define our task on order to optimize our work on the project.

  • Respect
Every customer is equally important to us, regardless of the frequency and volume of the orders. We appreciate your opinion and sincerity. We respect each other, because the success of our company depends on the contribution of every member of our team.