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Printing company Neoprint is one of major suppliers of self-adhesive labels on the Russian market. Leading manufacturers of FMCG products have already had the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of collaborating with Neoprint.

Neoprint can realize any services related to label production: brand protection, product image formation, product promotion. We print any kind of labels: self-adhesive labels with company logo and product information, protection labels for any product and much more. Long-term cooperation with major participants of FMCG has given us a solid base for expertise. No matter what task you may allot to your labels, we can help you find the right price and guarantee you the correct and timely execution of your concept idea.

Current technologies make it easy to choose the best way of printing labels depending on the task.

Label production technologies:

  • Flexography. This printing method is characterized by bright colours that make the label very recognizable. Our own developments allow us to use flexography in order to create an offset quality when printing pixel images.

  • Offset printing. Neoprint equipment includes all kinds of offset printing machines. This makes it possible for us to broaden our production opportunities: the label is bright, but it also delivers photography-like print quality.

  • Screen printing. This printing technique provides maximum ink thickness for the label. Such a layer makes it physically possible to feel how thick the ink is. Screen printing is mostly used in beauty and perfumery products labels as well as in luxury goods.

Our experience and available techniques allow us to select the right colours to reproduce the original colours of a label, if it is necessary to make a reprint of a label printed in a different print shop.

The final stage of label production is called post- print finishing. Neoprint offers all kinds of finishing of the labels:

  • Relief stamping

  • Foil stamping

  • Die-cutting

  • Hot stamping

  • Application of variable information (personalization, numeration)

  • Application of scratch-off layer

  • Varnishing

  • Laminating

Our team of professionals is ready to transform your packaging ideas into reality. Together, we will create a graphic product on a par with a work of art.