Билетная продукция.jpg Neoprint is the first printing company in Russia to produce ticket forms for use with automated ticket sales systems. From the very beginning up to the present Neoprint has been a leading company supplying sports, cultural and entertainment organizations with thermal tickets and Datamax S-Class printers.

Unlike other printing companies that supply thermal tickets, Neoprint offers its customers a comprehensive solution to issues concerning ticket printing and technical support for the ticket-printer system. Our vast experience guarantees efficient and quality solution to all possible issues and problems.

Main stages of thermal tickets production:

  • Ticket request acceptance. Original model design and delivery conditions agreed with the customer.

  • Settlement of legal issues: signing of the contract by the parties, payments.

  • Production process that includes imaging, printing, numbering, finishing, output control, packaging.

  • Shipment of the tickets to the customer in accordance with the agreed-upon logistics scheme.

Our company constantly tracks, adopts and implements all innovative technologies in ticket industry in order that our solutions may correspond to current world standards.

Thermal tickets are used in automated ticket sales and booking systems in culture, entertainment, transportation as well as sports organizations (movie theatres, theatres, museums, parks, clubs, stadiums, etc.).

Tickets are printed using high quality thermal cardboard that can retain its properties and printed information and images for over 8 years.

We offer:     

  • printing on both the front and back sides of the label stock including various kinds of films, foil, thermal cardboard, paper and tissue

  •  use of up to 10 colours simultaneously

  •  inter-layer printing on one machine

Moreover, thermal tickets printing demands adherence to a number of requirements prescribed to this kind of production:   

  • required information accessibility (according to existing legislation)

  •  numbering accessibility

  •   durable information preservation on the ticket

  •   counterfeit and reuse protection

Neoprint’s up-to-date equipment, used to print tickets, meets all these requirements without exception.

Thus, our thermal tickets are unique and colourful products, profitable to any business.

While we print standard tickets, we are always ready to expand our range of products, for example, as a custom order for a specific customer.