Multi-layer labels

Этикеточная продукция.jpg Any product can face the problem of lack of space needed for important information. This problem can be effectively tackled by means of multi-layer labels: parts of these labels are detachable thanks to special covering of the back side. A multi-layer label consists of four main elements: surface label stock, detachable glue, second surface label stock and permanent glue. Detachable glue joins exterior layers of the label designed for multiple gluing and ungluing. Glue intended for the lower layer of these labels can be selected in view of specific requirements for the surfaces to be marked and of the storage conditions.
The main function of such a label is to tell as much as possible of the product, in other words, to attract the potential buyer’s attention. A multi-layer label allows to place all necessary information right on the label without resorting to drastic font size reduction. The use of such a label considerably cuts down expenses related to packaging production and printing of additional product-related information.

Depending on your wishes, you can stick a multi-layer label to:

  • the surface of the product
  • the same-sized main label
  • a bigger label