Promotional labels

Этикетки для промо-акций.jpg Promotional labels are an ideal advertising tool. Neoprint offers customized promotional labels.

Uses of promotional labels:

  • Advertising. A promo label can contain information about a promotion, instant prizes, promo codes hidden under the scratch-off layer. The consumer gets involved in the game, starts collecting points, participates in competitions and, most importantly, makes more purchases. Variable information can be applied on the label: a picture, a word, an SMS-code, it’s all up to you! Then, a scratch-off layer is applied over this personalized data. The whole label or part of it can be used for records. In this case, the label is subject to perforating process.
  • Information on the label. 45 % of consumers, first of all, pay attention to the information on the label or the packaging when they make a purchase. A label can contain not only indispensable information but also cooking recipes, product catalogues, etc.
  • Target audience research. A label can contain a mini survey that can be sent by regular mail. The non-reusable coupon, created using the dry-peel technology is easily detachable and does not stain.
  • Private Labels Promotion. Instead of ads, shopping-inducing promotional events in stores are usually held for private labels promotion. Employees can organize such BTL events, thus considerably reducing expenses. Promotional labels are ideal for BTL events.