Neoprint has a license of the Ministry of Finance of Russia for carrying out activities associated with security printing production.

Сurrent technologies and materials are used for printing official blank forms with different levels of protection.

Qualified specialists at Neoprint are always ready to help assess the level of graphic production and the range of protection features depending on the customer’s wishes. Government and business entities entrust us with print orders.

At Neoprint, we use only the most advanced protection techniques and materials aimed at creating protected printing products:

- Traditional protection techniques:   

  •   guilloche elements

  •  decorative patterns and rosettes

  •   graphic trap elements

  •  iris printing

  •  micro texts

- Holographic protection techniques

  •   destruction when someone attempts to detach the sticker

  •  personalization

  •  chemical and laser demetallization

  • optical protection

- Chemical protection

- Magneto-optical protection

- Use of special label stocks:

  • with various number of fibres

  • with watermarks

  • with various protective features

  • with metal or polymer threaded inserts

- Personalization:   

  • high definition numbering

  •  laser numbering and bar codes

  •  Atlantic Zeiser, numbering and bar codes on any label stock

- RFID product protection

We produce:    

  • Forms for general education institutions

  • Forms for higher education institutions

  • Forms for vocational schools

  • Forms for schools of continuing studies

  • Forms for postgraduate schools

  • Forms for medical schools

  • Licence forms

  • ID forms

  • Fuel coupons

  • Critical Control Points stamps

  • Special Authorization forms

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